Women and Whiskey: Tasting Fine Spirits

You all must have heard and observed about your Personality Traits according to your Olars Candle. When you go shopping for candle, you will choose a fragrance that suits your personality, right? Then why not do the same for your Candles? You don’t know how you could do that! Worry not Dears, here are the Personality Traits according to the scents of our Scented Candles.  This following artical will help you to find out which Scented Candle suits your personality the most.

“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.”

– Leo Tolstoy

If you can’t walk by a candle section at a store without smelling each and every scent, welcome to the club—it’s good to have another member joining the ranks of the fragrance-obsessed. To help you fill your homes with the best aromas, we rounded up our favorite scented candles for every budget. We know finding the perfect fragrance can be tricky, so we included a wide variety of scents. On the list are candles that are fruity, musky, crisp, romantic, subtle, rich, and everything in between. 

Finding the perfect present—especially for that friend or family member that’s particularly hard to please—can be rough. Maybe not quite as difficult as running a half marathon or dragging yourself to bed on time, but a real challenge, nonetheless. And while, yes, you usually can’t go wrong with a gorgeously scented candle or super fluffy slippers, there’s an option that’s even more foolproof: a meaningful personalized gift. you care enough to get something just for them—which are just a couple of reasons why personalized gifts are the best. Even better? With monograms, astrological signs, birth flowers, home states, and photos, there’s practically no limit to what gifts you can personalize, regardless of your budget.


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